“Being Out There” started with a dream, a dream of wild abandon. What was launched as an escape from our 9 to 5 routine turned into a long journey. In the mountains the trails turned inwards, the rivers overflowed with joy, and there we were, waving at children, rediscovering our own innocence, awakening the child within. Thus was born Being Out There, where passion fuels the path to exploration and enjoyment of mountain wilderness through active participation. Whether the road to self-discovery or just wanderlust, our inspiring odysseys evoke joy, like raindrops on mud, like ripples on still water, by experiencing myriad Himalayan cultures and hidden destinations. As we live out our dream each day, we invite you to share our experiences, by participating in adventures that not only sparkle, but resonate for a long time. Come along for the ride, along borderless horizons, into the realm of “out there”.

And as “Kipling” quotes in “The Explorer” – “Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the ranges – Something lost behind the ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go.”
Our take on Weekend Travel – Seekenders

It’s not hard to imagine !!! It’s your daily drill, that monotonous cubicle, your business counter and chair, that laptop and that screen, hours spend gazing and thinking and typing, a respite of half hour in that tea/lunch break, a quick puffing break, that long drive back home amidst a cacophony of crawling machines only to face another screen, a night spent calculating and devising new formulas for PPT’s and Meetings, a robotic existence in tandem with regular routine of what we call working, earning a living and sometimes living !!!

Sounds sad and deprived of that feeling of being alive. Yeah it does, just like the existence which prominently raises its head every day. Well Well Well !!!

We have hope, because in the end we do seek an end to all routines, and like Buddha says “The greatest meditation is the meditation on impermanence”. So we have respite for the impermanence of this kind of an existence, we have our weekends, our space, our freedom when we choose to savour our being alive, where we can explore more facets of our selves, other than working. When we can really ask a stranger and that co-worker and our families “How are you?” instead of “What are you doing?”.

And we travel. They say travelling is the best stress buster, meeting new people, exploring new places, trying and tasting new foods, getting a high indulging in sports and adventure sports, being outdoors – ESCAPING your mundane routines …..
I cannot recall who said this, but it goes like – Hope is like a country road. There was no road till many people walked and the road finally came into existence. And this hope and these roads have made possible for us to escape every weekend or every other weekend we choose to. We can cycle, we can walk, we can raft down the river, we camp, we can unwind and read that book which we never turned further than the 10th page, we can compose that tune on the guitar which we always hum but never play, we can sit down and enjoy that jazz by the riverside, we can find our cosy getaway and stare in to those eyes forever which we always dreamed of but never found the time to be with them, we can get out with old and new friends alike and party like there was no tomorrow or we can just be with our colleagues and try to know them better – what they call building bridges and we can be all by ourselves.

Being Out There brings you these choices, crafted carefully, because these are your precious moments over 48-72 hours, in the outdoors when you want your weekends to be perfect. The destinations chosen are not more than 8-9 hours of travel and offer a complete escape into the outdoors and into your own self. You can hike, bike, raft and camp like we mentioned earlier or you can be simply laid back.

We also run our own weekend departures every two weeks into these destinations so if you have the option of joining a group and meeting new people and exploring new destinations every second week. These are called “SEEKENDERS”. New destinations every second week.

Or if you are a group, from home office or college – you may choose from the destinations below. We run full board trips from your destination to the getaways and back to your destination. Food, Mineral water, Activities and Experiences are standard. Read along and give us a call or email if you plan to escape and roll in the good times !

The weekend escapes are usually one night/two night extravaganzas depending on your mood and choice of destination. Our own departures are one night getaways and start Friday evenings from Delhi/Chandigarh. Depending upon the size of the group we usually board our own chartered bus and head out on the roads or if the group is small we try and accommodate in smaller comfortable vehicles. As a comfort policy we never allow more than 4 guests in one vehicle. The chartered buses are 14 seater buses which implies our SEEKENDERS are also not more than 12 guests in one departure. However if you are more than 12 people don’t despair – we organise bigger charters as well
How we do what we do

We believe that the spirit of adventure is in everyone. Our adventures are planned with reasonably paced itineraries, attention to detail, and the right mix of fun, learning, and challenge to ensure a memorable vacation. You will find our adventures physically active and culturally rewarding. You will venture into the great outdoors, enjoy close contact with native people and their customs, get close up views of wildlife and feast your eyes on the incredible scenic vistas of the great mountain ranges. Invariably you’ll come back a different person with a whole new perspective on life. Whether you are riding your MTB in Spiti or hiking in Ladakh, you’ll experience firsthand the cultures and environments of the region you are visiting. And after a long day of adventuring, we ensure you a comfortable night’s rest in accommodations from regional inns to our own private camps.
Our tagline emphasizes on ‘Exploring’; ‘Experiencing’ and ‘Evolving’. When we host our guests we take that a step further – ‘Excel’ in what you do. One process leads to another – It all starts with exploring the outdoors, which creates unique individual experiences for all us, these experiences help us evolve; call it broadening of one’s horizons or letting loose of your inhibitions and limits, this evolution leads us towards a better inherent self, enabling ourselves to excel in what ever we do. In today’s culture these outdoor experiences come as the most effective stress busters, inspirational and motivating.

The Operations

Our Seekend departures focus on destinations which are remote, untouristed and uncharted. Away from the humdrum of tourist centres, these into the wild, in the middle of the desert destinations have been carefully inducted into our trips charter for their accessibility, exquisiteness and being with nature, all after we have recced the places.

Our operations team ensures the best standards, gourmet food and bar-be-ques, exclusive camps with attention to detail and comfort, all in friendly places which emphasise on safety, fun and the whole experience. Our experiential initiatives include, Live acoustic music sessions, Stand up comedy acts, Star gazing, Photography sessions, Movie watch under the stars, Karaoke sessions, dance sessions, local folklore. If the experience of all this is not enduring enough we emphasise enough on holidays which are active, Day hikes, River trails, Mountain cycling, Rope courses are all a part of our Seekend adventures.

And when we travel to destinations where our operations are minimised, depending upon our hospitality partners, we ensure, we walk the extra mile to meet our standards of hospitality and services.

A Basic Itinerary

Day One Friday Evening
We depart from Delhi in the evening at 1900 hrs towards our destination, in our Charter vehicle. Enroute we stop for Dinner and thereafter proceed ahead.

Day Two Saturday
We arrive at our destination early morning and check into the Camp/Resort. After a brief rest we head out for a session of Yoga followed by breakfast. Depending on the destination we later head out for hike in the woods, or a trail walk through the river banks or maybe cycling or other activities.
We are back late afternoon, and after a brief rest it’s time for the Bonfire and our experiential activity of the weekend (Live Music, Stand up Comedy etc) all by the side of a live barbeque. This is followed by a Gourmet Dinner.

Day Three Sunday
Go for a photography session in the morning, exploring our destination, followed by breakfast. We leave back for Delhi after breakfast, stopping for lunch Enroute, and reach Delhi by 2200hrs.