Mountain biking is probably the best way to explore the Himalayas, and when it comes to Himachal Pradesh – with its vast network of roads and trails, through interior valleys and meadowlands, rivers gurgling through the gorges and precipices reaching out to the skies – Mountain biking adventures bring pure joy and thrill, taking you out of your comfort zones in to the wellbeing of the outdoors.

And that is our ‘mantra’ of the adventures we offer on mountain bikes – ‘WELL BEING’

Himachal Pradesh has a plethora of riding routes for seekers of all initiations; from the multi day endurance rides in the high altitude cold desert of Spiti and the classic Manali to Leh route at an average altitude of 12000ft to the single day – singletrack rides through meadows and trails interspersed with apple orchards, sterling Himalayan views and high Himalayan passes.

Our mountain biking trips are fully supported

 We provide the best mountain bikes.
 A range of accommodation – from our very own outdoor camping unit (complete with beds, traveling kitchen and toilets) to the best boutique hotels and comfortable bed and breakfast establishments in the interiors.
 Food and Nutrition is our priority and pride. We offer a menu to your choice bearing in mind the best nutrition which is required whilst cycling and also the required hydration. Our chefs during the trips roll out gourmet food and all preparation is from fresh ingredients (veggies, poultry and meat) sourced locally.
 Safety – We do not operate a trip for our guests until unless we have done a detailed reconnaissance of the – route, route exits during an emergency or injury, establishing emergency and first aid clinics/health centers/hospitals on the route, emergency evacuation procedure. All our trip leaders and route guides are well versed with our safety guidelines and procedures.
 Our trip leaders and route guides have grown with us and their knowledge of the Himalayas (places and people) coupled with the calm camaraderie and humor make our trips akin to a personal pilgrimage.
 A bike truck which also doubles up as our equipment carrier and another support vehicle is a standard on all our mountain biking trips.
 And on our multi day mountain biking trips we also encourage our guests to avail the services and benefits of Yoga program and meditation, Ayurveda massage and Physiotherapy with experts.


Start on a Friday and Back home by Monday morning. Ride and Explore the essential Himalayas.


These are the long weekend rides or enduro challenges spanning 3 nights and 4 days. encouraging you to explore and immerse yourself in the Himalayan landscapes and at the same time, getting a notch higher with your skills and fitness.